As candidate and hiring authority I have come to trust Todd Weinman’s judgment and tailored service. His extensive relationships with industry leaders provide him with the insight to understand where a department has been, where it is now, and where it is going. Todd proactively takes a strategic view towards relationship management and career planning. What differentiates Todd from other placement and career consultants is his ability to actively listen, allowing him to truly discern a department’s or candidate’s needs. Todd is not afraid to provide candid feedback, challenge convention, and explore creative solutions. Over the 15 years that I have worked with Todd, he has proven to be indispensable for recruiting, placement, and career planning. I recommend Todd highly.


I have known and worked with Todd over 15 years (admittedly on and off as I need him ).  He originally helped me take the plunge and move across the country for a big 4 opportunity– a very scary proposition for me personally.   Throughout that process 15 years ago and consistently through my recent experience (5 months ago), Todd provided the right level of the support and assistance. 

Why do I like working with Todd?  He is thoughtful, creative and flexible.  Let me explain:

Thoughtful: Todd will tell you whether he thinks you are a fit before and during the process.  He will also tell you if you are not a fit or if you” flubbed” the interview, and why.  He is sincere and direct; he will not mince words and will lay out the facts (in a professional way).  With Todd, what you see is what you get.  He also provides an amazing amount of pre-interview prep and support.  It is clear he wants you to succeed, not in an interview or a job pursuit but in your career.  He is there and engaged when you need him.  He also follows-up after you have hired on to help ensure you are settling in which I think is fantastic.

Creative: Todd is well connected in the valley across a range of companies, industries and roles.  He is able to adjust his lens to focus on the opportunities you are a solid fit for.  He is also willing to stretch into other unique roles.  I know this as the role I “stretched for”, turned out to be a great opportunity.  Had we not pursued it (and it was easy for him to explore the opportunity as he knew the hiring manger personally for many years),  I would have missed out on what is turning into a career shifting opportunity.  It is taking me in a direction I would have not otherwise considered.  If you want to push boundaries and think creatively about your career, Todd is a good person to talk to.

Flexible: Todd is willing to adapt his schedule.  He keeps his life in balance but will really work hard to connect with you and prep you for an interview.  He will also take time to debrief you before, during and after the interview.  He is actively engaged!

 If you want a straight shooter that is creative, flexible and focused on you, Todd is your guy.  If you want someone to sugar coat things and pump you up only to interview for a role you are not qualified for, don’t use Todd – pick someone else.  


When I contacted Todd for career opportunities in San Francisco, I had not been on a job interview in over ten years. His excellent interview preparation sessions helped my responses to potential interview questions move from rambling to focused and articulate. Rather than pressuring me to consider any available opening, he took the time to really understand my career and personal goals to present opportunities that would be a good fit for both me and the prospective employer. When you work with Todd, you are working with someone who maintains an extensive network of great clients, and with someone who really knows those clients. For each opportunity he presented, I was very appreciative of the insights he was able to provide on the company, the department, and the specific individuals that would be interviewing me. Through him, I found a position at a company that is a leader in its industry and has a strong and respected internal audit department. And the relationship does not end when you get the job! Todd has continued to check in with me to see how things are going. It really was a pleasure working with Todd, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for opportunities in the IT Audit arena.


Todd has been a good friend, mentor and trusted career advisor for the past decade.  He has been a great sounding board through a couple of significant career moves and spent hours sharing thoughts and ideas and helping me weigh the pros and cons of each move.  Until my very last move all of this was just professional advice which came with no cost or strings attached.  When I accepted the Director of IT Audit position at a Fortune 15 company several years ago Todd was the recruiter who brought the position to me.  After over 10 years of listening to what I was looking for he found the perfect position and helped me to position myself well for the role.  I have since moved up in the Company and again Todd was there to give me the advice I have come to rely on over the years. I highly recommend Todd as a recruiter and career advisor.  He is not just looking for the quick placement, but rather in building a relationship and helping to find that perfect role.


After working for an east coast based company’s internal audit department for 8 years, it was a bit challenging to find a job without a network in the Bay Area.  After job hunting on and off for quite sometime, I was discouraged with the lack of traction I received.  One day I responded to a job posting that Todd had posted and I’m so happy that I did.  Not only does he have a great network through the SF ISACA chapter, he has such a warm personality.  He made me feel comfortable and confident that I was going to find a job here in the Bay Area that was the right fit for me.  He worked with me on updating my resume and my interview responses prior to every interview.  Todd did not approach interviews with the canned responses you may find on the internet.  We worked on providing genuine interview responses that spoke to my skills, my passion for auditing and me as a professional.  I walked into interviews well prepared and walked out feeling accomplished.  The result?  I landed a great job that is a great fit for me.  Thanks Todd.


As a candidate with extensive financial services and internal IT audit experience, I came to Todd for help with looking at various positions in the San Francisco bay area. I appreciated the time Todd took in getting to know what key attributes were suited to my needs and career goals while matching it with available openings. Additionally, Todd was helpful in providing interview tips and background information on the various companies he had good working relationships with. I would recommend Todd to any candidates with general risk & control backgrounds who are looking for positions in the Bay area.


Todd stands out as the best recruiter I have worked with both as a candidate and hiring manager over the last eleven years. His approach is personable and professional in making all levels of candidates his top priority. He listens to the candidate and organization’s needs in depth. Todd adds value to the search process using his experience in the field. He looks for a best fit in all aspects of the position and coaches candidates in the selection process to aim for opportunities with growth potential and long-term viability. Prior to interviews, Todd personally spends time preparing candidates and continues to follow up timely to provide feedback. It is a sincere pleasure to work with Todd who has guided me in making successful career choices.


Todd has been a terrific resource in finding good staff for me over the last 15 years – I have hired numerous audit professionals through his help. He always works to understand what I need – an unusual and valuable habit for a staffing professional. He works hard to find a good match among his candidates and does not waste anyone’s time trying to force a bad fit. At the same time, he often sees potential value in a combination of candidate and position that would not be apparent to a less perceptive, experienced, and savvy search professional.

Todd has also been a key resource for me in my own career – he worked hard to understand my situation, my goals, my strengths (and weaknesses), and helped me get some very good opportunities. He has been a guide and counselor as well as a “head hunter” – and he’s been good at that, too!
Todd is a real professional, and for me, a trusted advisor.”


Todd’s relentless pursuit for the perfect job opportunity and exceptional work ethic culminated in obtaining for me the perfect career position. Todd took the time to listen to what I was looking for and was able to also lend his knowledge, experience and extensive network to suggest and coordinate great job introductions. Each opportunity was thoroughly researched with Todd able to provide insightful notes in regards to the organization, the position and the hiring staff. I would highly recommend Todd to any professional looking for a strategic change in vocation or career advancement.


Todd helped me with my employment search in 2008 and I was very much impressed with his professionalism and the guidance he provided. When I began my search I had 3-5 professionals helping me to find potential opportunities. After the initial week, Todd was the only one that remained dedicated to our pursuit. Todd was able to get me interviews with some organizations that were not hiring at the time based on his recommendation. This gave me the opportunity to hone my interview skills, build my confidence and further expand my network. Through his coaching Todd helped me to direct my focus and I was able to get 5 outstanding job offers in a very difficult market. I am excited to see that Todd is moving on to new endeavors and I would highly recommend his services to anyone that is looking to advance their career in the IT Audit profession.


Todd is an exceptional recruiter. He has assisted me in two job searches and successfully placed me at Yahoo. Todd stands out from the crowd with his interest in developing long term relationships, career coaching, labor market knowledge, and listening skills. He can reach directly to a hiring manager through a strong network developed over the years, and only shares leads that are worthwhile. I have referred many colleagues to Todd.


Over the last ten years, Todd Weinman has been providing value as business partner, professional advisor and industry thought leader.   Todd has established his integrity in his profession through delivering solutions that match organizations with individuals and provide the parties with the best prospects for mutual success.    Todd Weinman’s attention to the critical factors that contribute to successful executive and professional placement, in my mind, are the cornerstone of his success.


Todd is one of the most effective recruiters I have ever partnered with. He invests his time in fully understanding a company’s need, is extremely knowledgeable of the industry and truly makes an effort to identify the best talent. In working with Todd over the past six years, I found his ability to build professional relationships superior. Although I may not have had a need, Todd would remain in touch. When I did require his expertise, he was available to provide guidance, make helpful recommendations and ultimately, deliver first-rate results.